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Fiji Retreats

Life Mastery Retreat in Fiji

This 10 day life mastery process allows an individual to assess each major area of their life as they learn the fundamental basis of health and balance in all areas. Through an incremental step by step process each participant is able to develop an ideal life mastery plan that allows them to start making permanent shifts and changes in their perceptions of themselves and their life which will allow them to make their life dream a reality in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort.

The schedule for the retreat is as follows: Day 1 & 2 Travel (one day is lost due to crossing over a geographical time zone)

Day 3 Developing a Life Mastery Plan Following the initial orientation, you learn what a healthy and balanced life is, how you got to where you are now and identify where you would ideally like to be in each area of your life in the near future.

Day 4 Developing a Healthy Ideal Physical Self (Part I) We explore the 3 cornerstones of Physical Health: Nutrition, Exercise & Stress Management Mastery

Day 5 Developing a Healthy Ideal Psychological Self (Part II) We explore the 3 cornerstones of Psychological Health: Cognitions, Emotions and Behavioral Mastery/

Day 6 Developing a Healthy Ideal Spiritual Self (Part III) We explore the 3 cornerstones of Spiritual Health: Highest Aspect of Inner Self, Higher Power outside of Self & Universal Aspects of Self.

Day 7 Developing Healthy Ideal Relationships We explore what constitutes a healthy and balanced marriage or romantic relationship, ideal relationship with children and family members and significant others and develop strategies to create these relationships in the immediate future.

Day 8 Pursuing your Passion in Life Through an exploratory process you discover what your life purpose is and identify work that allows you to pursue your life purpose with passion.

Day 9 Financial Mastery We identify how wealth is attained and lost and develop a financial mastery plan that will allow you to experience financial freedom and live the life you want and deserve, in accordance with your Life Mastery Plan.

Day 10 Return Home Travel

During the Retreat there are numerous extracurricular activities before and after the daily training sessions. On the evening of the last day of training there is a celebration party that you attend as your ideal self and is sure to be life changing. Details will be provided at the time of enrollment.

(Optional) It is possible to come a day or two early or to stay longer following the Retreat if you are interested in once in a lifetime experiences of: kayaking, Scuba Diving with Sharks, traveling to any of the 331 islands that make up Fiji and/or attend a feast in a Native Fijian Village where you will observe native Fijian dancing, music and possibly a traditional fire walk on hot coals depending on availability. Arrangements for these activities have to be made in advance and can be scheduled at the time of enrollment.

The 2015 schedule for these retreats is being developed. The retreat includes standard accommodations (Upgrades are available for an additional charge)and the Life Mastery Training Seminar and is subject to change. Travel and food costs are not included. For pricing and scheduling availability contact Dr. Martin and the phone number or email address below.

For more information or assistance Dr Martin can be contacted at:

665 Camino De Las Mares,
Suite 104,
San Clemente California 92673
Phone: (949)248-7377
FAX: (866)805-2796
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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